Is now the best time to purchase an investment home?

Yes, the local market has slowed down due to the rise in interest rates, however, right now is still a GREAT time to purchase an investment property for the following reasons:

#1 Cash Purchase Discounts

If you have the resources to purchase a property in cash, sellers are willing to negotiate on price.

#2 Attractive Pre-construction Investments

Given pre-construction developments typically take 2-3 years, buyers are able to secure early discounted prices and postpone financing until interest rates become more affordable.

#3 Competitive Financing for Foreigners

Foreigners are still able to access more competitive mortgage rates from select lenders and secure more affordable financing terms.

#4 Attractive Airbnb Returns

There are still properties that allow short-term rentals (e.g., Airbnb), which yield attractive returns.

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