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As a licensed realtor in Florida, Vanessa Iurman and her team possess the knowledge to successfully advise clients to locate and acquire properties that fit their needs in the greater Miami metropolitan area.
Vanessa is known for her exclusive wide globe VIP treatment and personalized assistance to local and foreign clients who are looking to buy, sell or invest in a property.
Vanessa was born in Venezuela and has been living in Miami for 15+ years, giving her a vast knowledge of the city’s geographic and demographics, which allows her to find the best match for her client’s needs.



I was living out of town and a school in Hialeah, FL offered me a scholarship to play baseball. I needed to find an apartment on short notice and wasn't sure where to look. My family and I decided to look for a realtor in the area and we found Vanessa. She was a huge help in finding an apartment that was within our budget, situated in a nice area, and close to the school. Vanessa was happy to answer any questions we had before moving in & even helped accelerate the move in process. She went above in beyond to help us get settled in.

Miami, FL

Moving back to Miami after 8+ years and purchasing my first home was made less stressful with Vanessa’s help. Her honesty and professional treatment made my whole out of town experience wonderful and stress free.

Brickell, FL

Vanessa nos fue recomendada por su buen desempeño y honestidad, luego de trabajar con ella, es más que eso, es un agrado trabajar con ella por su eficiencia, velocidad y capacidad resolutiva, por haber trabajado con ella puedo decir que la recomiendo


It was a pleasure working with Vanessa. She was attentive, a good negotiator, and knows the market, which was a huge help in finding my apartment in an extremely competitive rental market. I highly recommend hiring Vanessa if you are looking to rent an apartment in Brickell.

Brickell, FL

Found me a perfect place to live with everything I was looking for at a fair price. She was proffesional and always available.

Midtown, FL


This is one of the most common questions, and the truth is that if you have the assets and the availability to go through the process then the best time to invest has arrived. Do not continue to wait….Invest and wait, that is the way real estate investments must be made. It's never a bad time to start, to successfully achieve it, we must apply the right strategies and consider all the factors that are influencing the decision.

If you are the buyer, the realtor who is working with you will be throughout the whole purchasing process and will spend hours working for you. That sounds expensive, doesn't it? But in reality, buyers usually never pay the commission to the real estate agent. The commissions are paid in the costs of closings by the seller of the property you are buying. Important to know: the price of the property won't change by not using a realtor.

The plain answer is no. A significant capital is required to start, there are different strategies that facilitate the entrance in the real estate business. The first strategy is financing.

Yes they can! In the state of Florida, mortgage banks are willing to loan money to foreign investments for a lot of reasons. One of the most important reasons is the following: Foreigners tend to give a downpayment between 30-50%, which makes the bank feel a lot more comfortable and safe, also most foreigners buy properties so they can rent them, which is very rare for them to stop paying their loan amount.

Absolutely! This is a process that involves a lot of parties, and the last thing you want is to start and potentially miss out on your dream home because you don't have a pre-approval letter. Don't worry, we have worked with lots of lenders/mortgage brokers and we can set meetings for you so we can get this step out of the way!

The 3 most common ones/most important are: Inspection Contingency, Appraisal Contingency and Financing Contingency. 

When you are financing a property and your down payment is less than 20%, you are subject to a Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) or also known as Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) on FHA loans.  

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